#Arachne5 Anniversary celebrations

This is the hashtag we are using for the 5th birthday celebrations so if you post to Instagram or Tweet anything about our 5th, say #arachne5 as well! Ta.

(Hello all those people saying WHAT? I know, I feel the same, but we have to try to move with the times)

This is where we are having the party. Manor House Library. IN LEE SE13 5SY, not the North London Manor House!

6.30-9.30 8th September, which is the 5th anniversary of the publication of our first book, London Lies

We’ve decided to be INSIDE. No matter how lovely the day, it will be cold and dark by the time we finish!

Current line up (Not in this order):

Poems from

Jeremy Dixon (The Other Side of Sleep and Liberty Tales), Reading from both titles
Sarah Lawson (The Other Side of Sleep, A Midsummer’s Night in the Garden) reading her poem from the Midsummer event last year
Kate Foley (The Other Side of Sleep, Liberty Tales, The Don’t Touch Garden), reading from The Don’t Touch Garden

Short Stories from

Ghillian Potts (The Old Woman From Friuli, Brat) – OWFF, read by an actor
Carolyn Eden (Liberty Tales) reading from Liberty Tales
Liam Hogan (London Lies, Liberty Tales, Shortest Day Longest Night, Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed) reading from Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed
Nichol Wilmor (London Lies, Lovers’ Lies, Weird Lies), Reading from Weird Lies
Katy Darby (London Lies, Lovers’ Lies’, Liberty Tales, Shortest Day Longest Night.) reading from London Lies
Cherry Potts (London Lies, Lovers’ Lies’, Liberty Tales, Shortest Day Longest Night, Mosaic of Air, The Dowry Blade) reading from Lovers’ Lies

Music from
Ian Kennedy & Sarah Lloyd
Summer All Year Long

Get your free/ donation ticket here:

Eventbrite - Arachne Press 5th Anniversary Party



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