Happy Ending at Lewisham -Videos Part 2

More video from Lewisham Libraries Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed event, Liam Hogan reads more fantasy short stories

Catch a falling star and…

Bad Day …. and how.

More like this Wednesday 03/05/17 Teashop Tales Queenswood Cafe, Queens Wood Lodge, 42 Muswell Hill Road, London, N10 3JP (£5 on the door)

lisa rose
Thursday  04/05/2017 8pm West Greenwich Library, Greenwich High Road, SE10 8NN with Lisa Rose reading one of the stories (free)



annalie wilsonWednesday  17/05/2017 7pm The Story Sessions, Brockley Deli, 14a Brockley Cross, SE4 1BE with Annalie Wilson reading one of the stories alongside Math Jones and others (free)

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