Solstice Shorts Video: The End of Everything

The final video from Solstice Shorts Festival 2016: Shortest Day appropriately entitled The End of Everything, this Short Story is by Liam Hogan. Read by Ray Newe and BSL interpreted by  Martin Fox-Roberts,  21st December 2016 at West Greenwich Library London #ACEFunded

Catch us on tour

Saturday 04/02/2017 2pm North Kensington Library
Poems: Bob Beagrie, Lisa Kelly, A J Akoto. Story: Katy Darby, Liam Hogan, Pauline Walker, Cherry Potts  FREE but TICKETED

Buy the book: Shortest Day, Longest Night

Help us crowdfund for the rest of the tour and the next books including Liam’s first full collection, Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed, which we are publishing in April.

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