Crowdfund rewards for readers and collectors

That Crowdfund thing is going very s-l-o-w-l-y. So just to perk you up a bit I thought I’d give a glimpse of the signed copies of Shortest Day, Longest Night and Liberty Tales. There are only 3 of each available owing to my capacity to carry things anywhere, and needing to beard writers when I have the opportunity. I will be adding a couple more signatures at upcoming readings as there is one left for each book.


liberty-tales-signedOf course, we understand that not everyone can consider supporting us, but if we don’t hit the target, we don’t get any of the money that has already been offered, and that would leave us with difficulties in honouring commitments to pay expenses for writers and fees for actors for the book tours. This is inb effect our marketing, but the live events are just as important to us as the books – and there is no earthly reason why authors should travel at the ir own expense to give readings. So, if you really can’t help (as I can’t when asked by others) please share our Crowdfund with you friends and relations and colleagues, and encourage them to help!



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