Happy Coming Out Day

We launched Outcome last night ahead of today’s Coming Out Day, with a party hosted by University of Greenwich LGBT+ Staff Network, Alumni Association and the Student Union LGBT+ forum.

The Heritage gallery went from a quiet white space to a vivid crowd of 113 smiling faces on the walls-


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to an even bigger crowd partying the night away, complete with rainbow lights!

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As usual I was busy selling books, so didn’t get a chance to speak to many people so THANK YOU for coming out and making the evening spectacular.

Special thanks to Dean Atta for reading.

I didn’t take many pictures either, so if people have some they are willing to share, please get in touch!

The exhibition continues until Friday 14th, and if you would like to take part in the Outcome project Tom is on site today, (Tuesday) until 4pm, and on Thursday 10-2 with a pop up studio.

You need: to be LGBT+ (yes, you really do), to have a clear photo of yourself as a child that you can bring with you or can email to be photoshopped in later, and to come dressed as you would for work. We have several bookings already, so get in touch before coming along, but we’d be very happy to see you.

There is a live panel Q&A with Tom, Bisi Alimi, Femi Otitoju, Alix Adams (all featuring in the project) plus representatives from the Staff and Student LGBT+ groups at the University.

tom-dingley-outcome-2 55-bisi-alimi 65-femiotitoju

Everything happens in: The Heritage Gallery, 32-alix-adamsQueen Anne Court, University of Greenwich, Old Royal Naval College, Park Row, Greenwich SE10 9LS. The Gallery is a little hard to find, so head for the chapel andthen turn towards the river, you will see the three arches in the middle of the building on your right, and we are in there on your left. Simple!!



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