Liberty Tales at the printers

It’s all go at Arachne Towers, we’ve just finalised the choice of stories and poems for the Shortest Day part of Shortest Day, Longest Night; Outcome will be at the distributors on Monday, we’ve got writers workshops today and tomorrow, and Liberty Tales, our response to all things Magna Carta shaped, has just gone to the printers, ready for launch in Short Story Week on 17th November.

The complete line up for Liberty Tales (and an exciting, eccentric and eclectic thing it is too) is:

Lag: Jim CoganCotton Augustus II.106
Free White Towel: Carolyn Eden
Bothered: Sarah Evans
The Poppies: Helen Morris
Stopped by a Busker: Owen Townend
Into The Blue: Nick Rawlinson
The King’s Computer: Liam Hogan
Jail Break: Kate Foley
Cena: Peter DeVille
Girl in a Suitcase: Cassandra Passarelli
The King and The Light: David Guy
Dog’s Life: Alison Lock
Border Country: David Mathews
Knitting for Demons: Cherry Potts
Liberty: Andrew Callum
Wigtown Bay 1685: Elinor Brooks
The Fool’s Tale: Katy Darby
Tabernacle Lane: Jeremy Dixon
Flax, San Francisco: Jeremy Dixon
Pearls Over Shanghai: Jeremy Dixon
Character Study: Katy Darby
Fruit of the Sea: Anna Fodorova
Witchburning: Richard Smyth
The Branded Hand: Brian Johnstone
Black & White: Brian Johnstone
The Privilege of Departure: Bernie Howley

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