LGBT History Month Launch in Lewisham

February is as usual a little bit busy. Spent a couple of hours today at the beautiful (it really is) Broadway Theatre in Catford, for the launch of Lewisham’s LGBT History Month. A lovely crowd of people, many employed by the council turned out to wet the baby’s head, and take a look at Tom Dingley’s Outcome exhibition.

Here’s a few pictures of speeches.

The lovely Susan Hailes, who had us all nearly in tears



Tom Dingley, in front of a camera for once

And Sir Steve Bullock, the Mayor

The gentleman in the background of each of these pictures had come for the yoga session, but was prevailed upon to play the piano, which was really lovely, and set the tone for the whole event.

A very positive response to the exhibition, with people signing up to join in then and there and another email before I got home from someone wanting to take part.

If you would like to take part get in touch, Tom has a studio space as part of the Outcome exhibition at Student Pride THIS SATURDAY 6th February at University of Westminster. 35 Marylebone Road, opposite Madame Tussauds and Baker Street Tube.

The Broadway Theatre exhibition is on for the whole of February 10-3 Monday Thursday and Fridays, access via the cafe/ box office.

We will also be launching Cherry Potts‘ novel, The Dowry Blade as part of the Lewisham LGBTHM festival, on 24th February at Lewisham Library


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