A Winter’s Evening in Bekescsaba Solstice Shorts Video

One of the Judges’ five favourite stories, Pippa Gladhill‘s devastating tale of a moment that changes a life and all the lives surrounding it, and the impact of a photograph seen in a restaurant, read by the talented Sarah Feathers.

And a couple of songs from the festival that really chime with the themes and mood of the story:

Have You Ever Thought, from Shadrack Tye



Annie from Pepper & Shepherd


[A Winter’s Evening in Békéscsaba is a real photograph by Zoltán Berekméri. We did ask a museum that seems to have the copyright if we could display it on our website but they never came back to us. You can find it here.]

Usual Sign Interpreters’ modest denial of their skills. I am only putting this because they insist. It would all have been absolutely beautiful if they’d had a chance to rehearse with the performers. Planning a signed event yourself? Read and LEARN!

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