Whoosh … Solstice Shorts Crowd Fund day minus 2

That’s time speeding up, and rewards disappearing off the list. Digital portrait? GONE, A couple more T-shirts – GONE, another place of the read aloud workshop GONE. (I once saw Patrick Stewart do a one-man live version of A Christmas Carol, with the most magnificent clock strike noises G-dang,G-dang… if you can imagine that noise, that’s what those GONE‘s should sound like).

We are at 88% of the money needed, and 27 wonderful generous backers and 30 hours or so to go. So we don’t even need a pound an hour, (although that would be nice).

Tell everyone, feel at absolute liberty to smash that target! You can do that right here.

Soon we will be only 24 hours from Tulsa – no that’s not right. Time is not on your side. Anyway, if you miss out on one of our deeply rewarding rewards, Time will say nothing but I told you so.

Feel free to join in with corny-time-related-song-title-puns,we’ve been doing it privately for months, and I’ve managed to restrain¬†myself from doing it here, up until now. I’ve finally cracked so it’s only kind to join in so I don’t feel a complete noodle. Thank you.


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