Solstice Shorts Festival – Crowd Funding rewards – Calligraphy

Unique Hand-lettered Poem

One of the more unusual rewards on offer in our crowd funding for Solstice Shorts Festival.

If the idea of a beautifully handwritten poem (something like this) to hang on your wall or to send to someone special excites you, we can offer you just that for £70 (or more – you are very welcome to give us more than the guide price!)

Jennifer A McGowan, one of the poets featured in The Other Side of Sleep, is also a calligrapher, with work featured in magazines. Many more examples here

She is offering to letter a presentation poem of your choice, of no more than 25 lines. (This is JUST lettering, no fancy illuminated capitals or decorations, although Jennifer has said if you would like decorations and/or illuminated capital on your poem, you can come to an arrangement with her separate to the 25 lines she is donating to us.) She is too busy in the run up to the Solstice to offer this for a midwinter gift, but could get it completed in time for Valentine’s day, for example. (includes cost of postage within the UK)

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