Solstice Shorts Festival – Crowd Funding – The Badges

Arachne Press’ badges are hand-made, using a little cutting machine

cutting outand a slightly bigger press, in machine

some cunning design and lots of patience.


We’ve made three new badges as rewards for supporters of our Crowd Funding campaign for the Solstice Shorts Festival. There are only 50 of these ALTOGETHER so they might become collectors pieces. The badges are available to you for a £5 donation to the crowd fund, although you could always give us more, or order all three designs… just a thought.

finished badges3 designs





We are also offering our London Liar badges, usually only available at live events. We only made 100 originally, but are making another 50 specially for the crowd funding, available for a very modest £2.50. These are mostly worn by authors, and actors who have read for us so you’ll be in very select company. Order your badges from Sponsume crowd fund site.

London Lies badges - this year's must-have accessory

London Lies badges – this year’s must-have accessory

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