More Secret Gardens

Devilskein & Dearlove author, Alex Smith is keeping busy exploring more secret gardens in Cape Town and the surrounding area. Read what she has to say about them on her blog – she’s found eight so far.

Meanwhile, back at Arachne Towers, we had the mad idea we would make a trailer for Devilskein & Dearlove. We’ve written a script, and been told by the animator it’s too long, (we sort of knew that really, but were enjoying it too much, severe cuts will be made, soon) discussed accents with Alex, got authentic South Africans to talk us through it, and nobbled some friendly actors – and singers to provide demonic howling! – and a very accommodating sound studio… so it will happen, just need to make those cuts, and get everyone in one place.

Must ask Alex how to pronounce Devilskein…

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