National Short Story Week Competition

It’s NatiNSSWlogoonal Short Story Week!

Story Sessions logo copyThat’s good news for us, as that’s what we publish (so far, anyway). To celebrate we are hosting an edition of The Story Sessions at The Ivy House this Wednesday. Lots more information here


And we thought we’d give you a chance to join in. At the Story Sessions we give the audience the chance to write 100 words on theme and read it out, so now you can do the same: 100 words (excluding title), not a word more, not a word less – strictly fiction! You have until 5pm on Friday, when we will post the entries and then we will have online voting until 5pm on Sunday when the winner will be announced. Prize is the warm glow of being appreciated, and maybe a badge.

Theme: November. Whatever that conjurers up for you.


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