Weird Lies Fantasy reading at Misty Moon

Here are some photos from the reading which formed the second half of our launch activities for Weird Lies and Mosaic of Air, to a capacity audience (hurrah!) at Misty Moon last night.

Cherry Potts (who read Penelope is No Longer Waiting from Mosaic of Air)  is missing from these as she was taking the pictures (copyright etc, etc). Hoping the other camera person in the room is willing to share (hello, John).

From Weird Lies, Angela Trevithick read her own take on the Rapunzel story, Fuzzby & Coo, David McGrath read his (based on fact) story, The Elephant in the Tower; Rebecca J Payne‘s story of hunger, manners and demons Hollow Man was read by Cliff Chapman, and Alistair Lock read Tom McKay‘s What Does H2O Feel like to the Tadpoles? which is a very strange story indeed.

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