It’s Publication Day

Cherry Potts, Arachne author and founder, with partner Alix Adams, in celebratory T-shirts

Cherry Potts, Arachne author and founder, with partner Alix Adams, in celebratory T-shirts

It’s finally arrived. After all the writing, choosing, naming, negotiating, cover planning, blurbing, AI-ing, blogging, forewording, typesetting, printing, marketing …

and all the other things that make a book happen, it’s time to announce TWINS!!

Two books on the same day: Weird Lies our latest collaboration with Liars’ League, and Mosaic of Air, a reprint of Cherry Potts’ first collection, are officially published today.

More weird stories than you can shake a spaceship at.

The e-book versions are slightly delayed, on account of the Towersey adventure, but it was worth it. They should be available in about a month, if not sooner.

We aren’t actually doing anything today to celebrate, beyond this blog, and this rather silly picture, but we are launching in style at The Royal Observatory next Tuesday. If you are planning on coming and haven’t yet responded to your invitation, please do so asap, as we are close to maximum numbers, and may have to open a waiting list. We are doing another set of readings in the more relaxed atmosphere of the Misty Moon Gallery on Saturday 5th October.

I would like to thank Alix (pictured, right) for her stirling support of Arachne. When first mooted, she was asked if she wanted to be involved, and a firm no came back. Nonetheless, she comes to almost all the events, sells books, chats to the audience, fields the occasional phone call and drags me away from the computer when I start cursing. Mosaic of Air was dedicated to her when it first came out twenty odd years ago – it still is.

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