LSE Branching out festival part 4

Part 4 of our LSE Space for Thought Branching Out festival work.

We collaborated with Summer All Year Long, our singing friends, and actor friends from Liars’ League to match songs and stories to the themes being explored by the festival.

Finding stories for Art Curation was easy Martin Pengelly‘s Girl with Palmettes (from London Lies, read by Lisa Rose) and Rob Walton‘s Lenny Bolton Changes Trains (Stations, read by Ray Newe) were obvious choices – finding a song was not so simple. Many (lovely) songs were considered and discarded by SAYL, until Patrick came up with Crash Test Dummies’ When I go out with Artists. A couple of hours of footling until it was in a key everyone could manage, and we were away.

Apologies for the sound quality here, the battery on the video camera went flat, and the backup was struggling even more than the respectable camera with an odd background hiss from the PA system.

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