The Readings Kit

Note to self, written on the pad intended for midnight inspiration and used more often for 4am anxieties:


Wouldn’t life be simple if I was organised? I do a good pretense, but that’s it really. The office looks like a bomb hit it, and A. has retreated with laptop to another room because there isn’t room for both of us anymore.

So what goes in the readings kit?



Posters saying we are there
and postcards for future events
and blu tack
and print off of author information
and print off of what I’m reading marked up for ease
and order slips in case we run out of books (wouldn’t that be nice)
and a tablecloth
and ‘special offer’ notices and price tickets and ‘make cheques payable to…’ sign
and a float
and a charity box for the penny change people sometimes don’t want
and the camera and the tripod(s) and the recording device and spare batteries
and a HUGE suitcase to put it all in

and my ‘Stations Author’ badge, and the Arachne Press one too
and the oystercard!

and (depending on where it is) booze, glasses…

All of which is a convoluted way of saying see you at Canvas & Cream tonight at 7pm!

Now, have I forgotten anything?

2 thoughts on “The Readings Kit

  1. Lucky I read this post today – I am busily preparing for my trip to London (for the launch of Stations this Sunday) and if I hadn’t read this post I would have forgotten both my Stations Author badge AND my oystercard! Thanks, Cherry, and see you on Sunday!

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