Flash fiction competion update DEADLINE EXTENTION

We have been overwhelmed, nay, flooded with entries for this competition.  I have absolutely had to fight my way out from under the virtual mountain of slips of paper with 300 words carefully inscribed with incisive intaglios of London Life, embellished with outrageous porkers, byzantine rococo untruths and devious falsehoods.

Well no, actually. That would be one of those lie thingys.  We’ve had 2 entries. (Thank you, by the way). I even tested the contacts page to make sure it was working.  It is.

“The Cat went to sleep on my entry for the flash fiction competition and I didn’t have the heart to move him before the deadline…” Copyright Cherry Potts

If you were thinking about entering and life got in the way, or the dog ate it or something, I’m extending the deadline to Monday morning at 9:00. Have a weekend on me.  Push the boat out, write something!

4 thoughts on “Flash fiction competion update DEADLINE EXTENTION

      • Hi Cheery
        Good, I just thought I would double check. Hope you get more entries 🙂

        Kindest Regards

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