Outdoor Readings

Anxious following of the weather forecast – Will it rain? Yes. Ok: but will it STOP raining? …ye-es… good. Will it stop raining in time?

Two missed messages on the phone from Rosalind: It’s raining, will it still happen? YES!

Phew, the met office accurate to the minute almost, and we’re off to a rather soggy MVMNT cafe, which until about an hour before we arrived was failing as an Ark. I wonder if awnings would help?

But it didn’t matter; the sun came out and we sat on our rain coats, and drank warming cups of tea, and listened to some excellent stories from Jarred McGinnis, Jim Minton, Lane Ashfeldt, and Me!

Jarred has a junkie desperate for photos of the child she’s about to give up –  I recognised the story, and asked: had it been performed at Liars’ League?
No, says he, nonchalantly, on Radio 4.

And to think how rarely we get to listen to a story on Radio 4 these days!

Jim’s story goes more for the laughs, with straying security dogs and workplace bullying revenged.

Lane’s story is a clash of cultures too close for comfort in shared space above a pub, igniting trouble.

My story you can read in London Lies, (available from all good bookshops very soon!!)  – it’s about getting the hell out of a job you hate, for all the right reasons.  Here’s a snippet before the problem with background noise overwhelmed the camera.

London Lies writers will be back at MVMNT on 12th September.

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