London Lies available for pre-order

When my very first story in an anthology was published (In and Out of Time a long, long, time ago) it was a strange experience, it didn’t seem real until I had put it on the bookshelf, nestling between Sylvia Plath’s Bell Jar and Arthur Ransome’s Coot Club.  These days my books sit next to my mum’s – Ghillian Potts rather than Arthur Ransome – Plath is still there, and so is Ransome, just not touching covers anymore.

I’ve just added my advance copy of London Lies. So it’s real now, for me, anyway.

Definition of a REAL book – putting it on the shelf. Copyright Cherry Potts

I’ve been chatting to someone at one of the large online retailers, and I suddenly realised that they, and a large number of their competitors, already have London Lies on site available for pre-order.  So it works, then! Very exciting, it makes it all seem much more real for everyone else, not just that little version of reality on my bookshelf.  And I got my first order from a wholesaler yesterday!  This means you can order the book anywhere, and they will be able to get it for you – any bookshop, any on-line book retailer – even from us (short delay while I set up the systems, but soon!)

Publication date is 8th September – order a copy now, from your prefered retailer, and be one of the first people in the world to hold a copy in your hand, or indeed put it on the bookshelf next to Ms Plath or Mr Ransome!

© Cherry Potts 2012

5 thoughts on “London Lies available for pre-order

  1. Oh! London Lies sounds really interesting. Writing the title down. You think some of the online retailers ship internationally?

  2. Hi Cherry

    Will order one straight away – really looking forward to reading it. I like supporting my local bookshop as much as possible so I’ll see if they can get it for me.

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