The Train Now Leaving

A final opportunity for enthusiastic overground-tube riding writers to show their joy in the wonders of east and south London. Sharpen your quills, pump your fountain pens, power up your laptops and get writing, you have until midnight on the 13th May 2012 to deliver a story of around 2500 words centred on one of the following stations Anerley,  Hoxton, Honor Oak Park, Norwood Junction, Penge West, and Shoreditch High Street.

Crystal Palace Mist copyright cherry potts 2012

We have an entertaining mix of  ghosts, music students, worried mothers, property developers, alien abductees and private investigators so far showing the surprising mix of what Londoners get up to, and how the transport infrastructure impacts their lives, or afterlives.

Please contact me to let me know if you are planning to submit, and for which station.

© Cherry Potts 2012

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