Submissions for Stations

Arachne Press is currently looking for submissions for our second planned book.

Stations ( better title no doubt will surface)  will be an anthology of stories inspired by the stations on the South and East section of the London Overground (the old East London Line and its extensions).  Any genre except erotica.

We have made a good start with stations between Brockley and Whitechapel well covered, but if anyone would like to contribute anything south of Brockley from Crystal Palace/ West Croydon or north of Whitechapel to Highbury & Islington, we’d be very pleased to hear from you.

Word limit 2500, deadline midnight 31st March 2012.

The story doesn’t have to be set ON the Overground station in question, but must make reference to it somehow. It would be a plus if you have some personal connection to the station in question!

Stories should preferably not have been published previously, initial enquiries via our contact page.

15 thoughts on “Submissions for Stations

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  2. Is there any payment involved? Money or a free copy of the book? It would be nice to pay writers for, you know… writing.

    • As a writer myself, I have started this publishing enterprise in frustration at not getting paid even when I had a contract that said I would be. So yes there will be payment, but that’s a matter for any writers who successfully submit and Arachne Press to contract between them.

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  4. How will London Lies and Station be distributed? E-copies only? Hard? Via Amazon? Just curious to know what kind of an audience contributors can expect to see for their work.

    • London Lies and Stations will be paperbacks and ebooks. The intention is to sell through independent booksellers and chains and online, but this is a first outing for Arachne, and we don’t yet know whether all possible outlets will be as enthusiastic as we are… but why wouldnt they?

      • Thank you for that response. I live in Croydon and will crack on with a short story involving West Croydon station for your consideration.

        I wish you all the best.

  5. Forgive me if I’m missing something obvious here, but how/where exactly are we supposed to submit? Is there an e-mail address I can’t see somewhere, or is it just to be entered into the “comment” box in the ‘contact us’ page?

  6. Okay, I only just discovered this collection this evening, so I realise I am VERY late in the game. None the less, I am an avid short story writer, and I want to know, is there any coverage for the Sanderstead/Riddlesdown/South Croydon area etc. Do you want that kind of stuff? If so, please let me know. Thanks.

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